Stock “Buckle Up” Lollipops

SKU: SP-PS169-LOLLI Minimum Qty: 1000
  • Drive Home the Importance of Seatbelt Safety!
  • Only $0.14 Each
  • Cherry-flavored lollipops with a stock safety message
  • Sold in cases of 1000



Buckle up for a ride of sweetness with our Seatbelt Safety Lollipops! These suckers are flavorful champions of responsibility, turning every lick into a pitstop of joy and awareness. Each lollipop becomes a tasty reminder to secure seat belts before embarking on any adventure, whether big or small.

These lollipops are more than just candies, they’re conversation starters. They create an opportunity to steer young minds toward discussions about road safety, responsible choices, and the impact of simple actions like buckling up.

Hand them out at community events, school visits, or public safety gatherings, and witness the power of turning a routine message into a deliciously unforgettable moment. As kids enjoy these sweet treats, they’re not only savoring a moment of sweetness but internalizing a crucial message that will stay with them as they grow and navigate life’s highways. Plus, let’s be honest, nothing says ‘Seatbelt Safety’ like delicious candy on a stick.

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Sold in cases of 1000 and the minimum order is 1000.

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