Free Samples

Interested in our products but you’d like to review them before you purchase?

We are happy to provide free samples of many of our products to qualified organizations for purchase consideration. Ordering samples is easy!

If the product you are interested in is available for a Free Sample, look for the “Order a Free Sample” button near the “Add to Cart” button.  Clicking this button adds the Free Sample product to your shopping cart.  When you’ve selected all the products you’d like to review, go to the cart and complete the checkout process (there’s no charge for Free Samples).  We will package up the product samples and send them right out. It’s that easy!

Product Previews

Some of our products, like presentation displays, are not available as a Free Sample. However, for these materials, look for the “Online Preview” tab on the product. Here you’ll be able to download sample PDF versions for a closer look.

You may also contact a customer service representative at 877-329-0570. Our friendly reps will assist you in selecting preview materials. Email requested titles to or fax your request to 877-329-0573 (be sure to include your mailing address).

Please Note: Some of our materials are not available for samples. Contact a customer service representative for more information.

FREE Design Consultation

Fill out the form below to register for your FREE design consultation, or call 877-329-0570 for immediate assistance. Our dedicated sales representative will promptly follow up with you within 24 hours to discuss your design consultation request.