“Buckle Up, Baby: Transport Children Safely” – DVD

  • Explains how to buy and use a child restraint system (CRS).
  • Emphasizes how child restraint systems can save lives.
  • Provides statistics on toddler injuries and fatalities due to automobile accidents.
  • 15 minutes long.

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Automobile accidents are the #1 killer of children. With the Buckle Up Baby Child Transportation Safety DVD, you can show parents the basic rules for buying and using a child restraint system (CRS).

Buckle Up Baby covers the types of seats available, and when they should be used according to age and size of the child. The dangers of airbags for small children are emphasized, as well as how to arrange seats for more than one child. Finally, demonstrations of testing several types of restraint systems are shown so a parent can be sure their child is secure.

Statistics show that toddlers riding in cars without a properly used restraint system are twice as likely to be killed or injured in a crash. It is also the law that children must be properly restrained every time they are in a vehicle. This child transportation safety DVD teaches parents to protect their children.

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Buckle Up, Baby: Transport Children Safely

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