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1 Easy Way to Educate Kids on COVID-19

As states begin relaxing lockdowns, it is imperative to continue to adhere to the coronavirus guidelines.
And while children are less likely to fall ill to the coronavirus, they play a critical role in slowing the spread of the virus. 
Help children in your community understand what the coronavirus is and ease their fears with our NEW prevention package!

Introducing NEW “I Can Be Coronavirus Free!” KidPak

Each “I Can Be Coronavirus Free!” KidPak includes one activity book, bookmark, sticker, poster and pack of 3 crayons. They also come pre-assembled so that they can be easily handed out — no assembly required! Click here to get 100 KidPaks for as low as $1.80 a piece today!
As always, here at Prevention and Treatment Resource Press we are determined to create informative and creative material to educate your community. If there is any way that we may be of service to you during this troubling time, please let us know. You may reach us at (877) 329-0570 or via email at
Prevention and Treatment Resource Press
Greg Fox, Jr.
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COVID-19 Operation Plan

To Our Valued Friends and Customers,

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by COVID-19 and we wish you all good health!

As always, the health and well-being of our employees and customers is a top priority at Prevention & Treatment Resource Press.

At this time, all Prevention & Treatment Resource Press operations are full-speed ahead. We are still taking new purchase orders and are busy fulfilling open orders. Many of our sales and support staff are working remotely during this time. We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing procedures in our main facility, as well as advised our employees to stay home if they feel unwell.

As this is a rapidly changing situation, there may be unforeseen impacts to our production process. To that end, expect updates on the status of our operations via email and our website, alerting you to any potential delays or required changes.

We truly value your business, and thank you for your support of our company during these challenging times. We are committed to continue providing the reliable prevention products you have come to expect and the great customer service you have come to rely on. We will get through this together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at (877) 329-0570 for more information.


Greg Fox Jr.

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Consent Is Key

Consent Is Key

New Products to Educate
Your Community About Consent

For sex to be legal and safe, consent is a must. Our new line of consent products provides parents and young adults with the information concerning consent, sexual assault, and rape.


• Fun, durable, interactive & attractive
• Physical, verbal, and visual learning styles
• Customize to promote your organization


• Current & informative
• Provides additional resources
• Customize to promote your organization


• Current & informative
• Durable, high quality materials with vivid graphics
• Over 6 feet high and 3 feet wide
• Includes a retractable stand, carrying case, and presenter’s guide
• Free personalization

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The Truth About Vaping

Harmless? Healthier? Get the TRUTH About e-Cigarettes & Vaping

Electronic cigarettes, or electronic nicotine devices, create a vapor (hence the term “Vaping”) infused with flavoring and nicotine. Sold as a healthy alternative to smoking, the truth about vaping is that no one knows for sure what the health consequences of using e-cigarettes actually are. What is known? The usage of electronic nicotine devices is skyrocketing. A recent CDC survey found that e-cigarette usage among middle and high school students tripled over a one-year period (2013-2014). The danger is that young people are skipping tobacco cigarettes and moving to supposedly “safer” electronic cigarettes. Whether tobacco or electronic, nicotine is nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive, poisonous drug. E-cigarettes don’t eliminate nicotine, they simply provide a new way to abuse it.

The “supposedly harmless” and attractive nature of e-cigarettes with their cool, techy devices and candy flavors has saturated the market and is now the new trend in smoking. The claim that e-cigarette vapor is marketed as “harmless” does not negate the fact that the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes are unknown and that recent research exposed e-cigarette vapor contains formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing chemical. The addictive nature of nicotine and its affects on the body are still the same, including the negative effects nicotine has on the teenaged brain. The dangerous practice of vaping synthetic drugs, like K2, hash oil and even caffiene has also become an issue in our communties. Urging users stop using e-cigarettes and nicotine or, better yet, to never start is a safe way to insure any harmless effects, known or unknown, are avoided.

PTR Press has everything that you need to make a difference with your
E-Cigarette and Vaping Campaign!

E-Cigarette Materials

Our educational publications are designed to inform users and potential users about e-cigarettes and vaping, the potential harmful side effects and the risk of the unknown health consequences of e-cigarette use. PTR Press offers an extensive line of informational materials for audiences of all ages, ranging from pamphlets written with teensparents, and adults in mind, as well as presentation displays, and our NEW The Truth About Vaping DVD.

To see a FREE PREVIEW of our Truth About Vaping DVD and other videos, please visit www.PresentationPower.TV

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