Street Smart Drug Dictionary Presentation Display


This 6 foot presentation display is an easy-to-read guide to typical slang used to describe the most commonly abused drugs.

It provides an overview of different drug classes, slang names for the drug and its use.

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Become familiar with drug slang with our Street Smart Dictionary Presentation Display. ‘Ice’, ‘pharming’, and ‘amping’ are all seemingly innocent terms. But they have much more sinister meanings in the language of drug users. This display helps parents, teachers, counselors and youth mentors identify signs of drug use by developing an understanding of drug terminology.

This engaging display provides a description of the major types of substances, a list of street names for commonly abused substances, and an alphabetized section providing definitions of slang words and phrases help provide a better understanding of substance abuse lingo. The concluding “Get SMART about drugs” section provides readers a mnemonic for remembering how to resist drugs.  A great way to understand and recognize the language of substance abuse to help your loved one have a happy, healthy, drug free life!

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