Stock “Safety First” Lollipops

SKU: SP-PS168-LOLLI Minimum Qty: 1000
  • Sweet Safety Lessons in Every Lick!
  • Only $0.14 Each
  • Cherry-flavored lollipops with a stock safety message
  • Sold in cases of 1000



Sweeten your public safety and community relations efforts with our ‘Safety First’ Lollipops! A clever way to start conversations about safety and preparedness. Imagine the smiles and giggles as kids enjoy their tasty treats, all while absorbing important safety messages.

This is your chance to connect with your community in a fun and positive way. Whether it’s at community engagement events, school visits, or public safety awareness gatherings, each lick reinforces valuable lessons that stick. They’re a playful tool for educators to turn routine talks into delightful, memorable experiences.

These lollipops will have kids and parents alike licking up knowledge and leaving your events with fun and safety on their minds. Plus, let’s be honest, nothing says ‘Safety’ like delicious candy on a stick. So, why settle for ordinary when you can turn safety education into a lickable, lovable experience? Grab your batch of lollipops, and let the safety sweetness unfold in every community you serve.

Want to personalize your lollipops? Give us a call at (877) 329-0570 for custom pricing today!

Sold in cases of 1000 and the minimum order is 1000.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 in


Minimum Order Quantity


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Please allow up to 10-14 working days for production

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