Marijuana Edibles – Tabletop Display

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  • Clarifies the dangers of marijuana edibles
  • Notes the different forms of marijuana edibles
  • Stresses the risks of THC overdose
  • Details pot’s health effects
  • Debunks the myth that marijuana is “safe” to consume

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Our Marijuana Edibles Retractable Tabletop Banner gives a complete overview of the risks of consuming THC. The eye catching display outlines the dangers faced by edible marijuana users. More than just “hash brownies” or “space cakes,” marijuana edibles come in a variety of forms. Ranging from butter to chocolate bars, gummies, liqueurs, coffee, to list a few. Marijuana edibles contain high concentrations of THC and carry the risk of  dangerous, oftentimes terrifying side effects. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

This Marijuana Edibles Display:

  • Clarifies the dangers of marijuana edibles
  • Notes the different types of marijuana edibles
  • Stresses the risks and symptoms of  THC abuse as well as what to do in case of an overdose
  • Details pot’s concentrated health effects
  • How to stay above the influence of drugs

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  • 2 ft wide and 3 ft high for a greater impact
  • Vivid graphics to grab and hold attention
  • Retractable stand with carrying case that is lightweight and portable
  • Presenter’s Guide – helps you hold an expert event
  • Durable, high quality materials so you can use the display over and over again

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