Gateway Drugs Pamphlet Bundle

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  • Provides thorough coverage of the gateway drugs
  • Includes 300 pamphlets
  • Magnificent addition to any drug abuse prevention program
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Gateway Drugs Pamphlet Package: Give young people the understanding of the devastating effects of these dangerous drugs on a user’s mind and body with these three engaging pamphlets.

SAMHSA survey showed that 60% of young people who binge drink and 47% of young people who smoke also use illicit drugs as compared with 5% for non-smokers/drinkers.

In attempting to prevent young people from ruining their lives through the use of damaging and dangerous drugs. Such as meth, cocaine, or heroin, it’s important remember the origins of substance abuse. Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana, while by no means harmless, are the usual pathways to harder substance abuse. Prevent young people from using these “gateway” drugs and increase the odds they’ll live happier, heather, drug free lives.

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All Three Brochures At One Great Price!

Receive 100 copies of each Pamphlet we have to offer in this affordable bundle.

This packages includes 100 each of the following items:

To see a full PDF version of each brochure, click the Instant Preview tab above.

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Alcohol: How It Affects The Body Pamphlet PDF Preview


Tobacco: How It Affects The Body Pamphlet PDF Preview


Marijuana: How It Affects the Body Pamphlet PDF Preview