Donnie Dinosaur: Let’s Work It Out DVD

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  • Donnie the dinosaur teaches about individuality, feelings, and cooperation
  • Help kids explore and understand their feelings
  • Fosters empathy and self-awareness

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Get ready for kids to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and cooperation with Donnie Dinosaur’s “Let’s Work it Out” DVD – the ultimate guide to navigating emotions, building friendships, and learning the power of teamwork!

Donnie Dinosaur and his puppet friends explain and sing about ways to work through problems and misunderstandings. When friends Tasha and Sandy have an argument, they look to Donnie for advice. By using visual analogies, Donnie explains ideas such as individuality, feelings, apologies, and cooperation. The Feeples are also introduced to illustrate strong feelings. Young viewers learn the importance of releasing strong feelings, talking things out, cooperating, and sharing. Kids will learn the benefits of working toward a positive resolution, and the methods to achieve one, while avoiding the dangers of violence.

Celebrate individuality and promote acceptance and respect for others, creating a welcoming and inclusive community for all. From understanding emotions to resolving conflicts and working together towards common goals, this DVD is packed with valuable lessons that will encourage kids to be their best selves.

So, are you ready to inspire the next generation of empathetic leaders and team players? Grab your DVD today and let’s make learning about emotions and cooperation an adventure to remember!

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Donnie Dinosaur: Let’s Work It Out

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