“The Great Drugosaur Expedition” DVD

  • Entertaining, engaging, and educational video.
  • Explains the dangers of 10 different drugs.
  • Includes a curriculum guide.
  • 18 minutes long.

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In an area previously inhabited by Drugosaurs, a paleontologist, his assistant, and four children uncover a bone belonging to one of the creatures, providing the two fossil hunters reason to explain how abusing drugs caused Drugosaurs to become extinct.

Over the course of the video, they use computer animation to illustrate and document the fate of all ten Drugosaurs:

  • Amphetidon
  • Nicotineadon
  • Cannabisaur
  • Fryranosaurus
  • Steroidopterus
  • Huffadon
  • Scriptadon
  • Boozitupicus
  • Teracracktyl
  • Velociraver

The Great Drugosaur Expedition may well be the most entertaining introduction to the hazards of drug abuse ever devised, with its mock dinosaur theme underscoring a very serious message — drug abuse a good way to become extinct!

The accompanying Curriculum Guide assists in developing effective approaches in teaching substance abuse prevention to children. It includes expanded information on each drug as well as student activities for the classroom.

The Great Drugosaur Expedition

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Upper Elementary


18 Minutes

Available in Spanish