In the Know: GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine, Knockout Punch – Pamphlet

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  • Explains the dangers of date rape drugs
  • Details the effects and forms of GHB
  • Provides the facts about Rohypnol
  • Covers Ketamine and its hazards
  • Urges readers to keep their guard up when in social situations
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This GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine Pamphlet provides a thorough survey of the three most common “date rape drugs.”  The veterinary anesthetic drug Ketamine, is a banned human anesthetic Rohypnol, and the outlawed depressant GHB. GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) is a depressant drug, which means it slows down messages traveling between the brain and body.

This pamphlet warns teens that these drugs can easily and undetectably be slipped into a drink. Both in either alcoholic or nonalcoholic. These drugs render the victim unconscious and helpless in as little as one minute. The pamphlet goes on to stress the extremely serious risk of lethal overdose, and readers are urged to keep very close watch on any beverage they are served. If you notice a bitter, soapy or salty taste in your drink, then someone may have added something to it. If you ever think your drink tastes funny, don’t finish it. Educate teens today on these dangerous party drugs!

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This pamphlet is also available in Spanish.

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In the Know: GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine, Knockout Punch - Pamphlet PDF Preview


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