Healthy Directions: Eat Right- Live Longer Pamphlet

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  • Notes that eating right is crucial to a healthy life
  • Discusses obstacles to healthy eating habits
  • Identifies how to overcome indulging in fast food
  • Explains how to change snacking habits
  • Points out the consequences of unhealthy eating habits
  • Describes important nutrients
  • Stresses that healthy eating leads to feeling better
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Teach your community how to eat right with this informative pamphlet. With almost 35% of U.S. adults considered obese, eating right is more important than ever. The phrase “eating right” often conjures images of bland and tasteless food reserved for those who are looking to completely overhaul their diet or for those who may be considered “health nuts.” In reality, everyone should be paying attention to eating right. Healthy eating habits are a large factor in longevity. This pamphlet will help your audience understand the consequences of unhealthy food choices.

Choosing healthy options for meals and snacks can be difficult. Schedules are busy and much of our days are spent sitting in the office, the car, or at home. And with convenience based foods, like those that you cook in the microwave, it can be far easier to cook something unhealthy than to prepare a balanced meal. In addition, produce and lean meats are often more expensive than packaged and processed foods, which may add to the convenience factor. In the long term, though, these easy choices may lead to expensive medical bills.

Fast food options are frequently tempting especially when pressed for time or when faced with a dearth of options. Many fast food meals are high in calories, sodium, cholesterol, and fat, which can put a strain on your system. Planning ahead makes it easier to avoid this trap. Packing lunches the night before, using leftovers, or keeping fresh groceries at work are just some of the tricks that can keep fast food off the menu.

Snacks are an important part of the daily diet and they’re also frequently overlooked. Snacking can be a mindless habit, allowing people to munch away without paying any attention to what or how much they’re eating. The calories from snacks do add up, so it’s important to replace foods like candy bars or potato chips with raw vegetables and fruits.

As the body ages, the metabolism changes. Young adults may not immediately see the ill effects of their poor eating habits, but with time, the consequences will show themselves in the form of health problems. Individuals who consume too much sugar may develop diabetes, which will require daily medical attention. Heart issues may arise, either due to excess cholesterol or weight. These factors may make the heart pump harder, leading to strokes, heart attacks, or cardiac arrest.

Bones and joints may also suffer due to excess weight and poor nutrition. Without adequate nutrients, bones and joints are unable to rebuild themselves and are more likely to fracture or break. Nutrients are also crucial in ensuring maximum brain function. Unhealthy eating habits may deprive the brain of important vitamins and minerals, leading to impaired functioning or dementia.

The first step in moving toward embracing a healthy lifestyle is actually quite easy. It entails making small dietary and habit changes one step at a time. Changes like replacing soft drinks with water, fruit for candy bars, or homemade meals for fast food will make a large difference with time.

Food labels can be helpful in determining the best dietary choices. Items with high fat, cholesterol, sodium, or carbohydrates may negatively affect healthy eating habits. Food that contains vitamins A, B, C, calcium, and iron are especially beneficial.

The pamphlet finishes by pointing out that it doesn’t take long to feel the effects of better food choices. Strength, stamina, and vitality will increase. And as these habits lead into older age, quality of life will be vastly improved.

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