“Drugosaurs!” A Drug Education Activity Book

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  • Designed for 4th to 6th graders
  • 24 pages packed full of fun, engaging, and educational activities
  • Colorful, memorable artwork makes a lasting impression
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These humorous Drug Education Activity Books tell the unforgettable tale of the Drugosaurs, imaginary dinosaurs driven to extinction by the perils of Substance Abuse. Kids will be drawn to the familiar sounding dinosaur names while learning valuable lessons about the dangerous effects of 10 different topics. Such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, hallucinogens, inhalants, crack and cocaine, amphetamines, steroids, prescription medicines, and MDMA – Ecstasy. The activity book features each dinosaur with the story behind the dangerous substance that made them go extinct. Teach and encourage kids to be drug free with valuable drug prevention education messages and fun learning activities.

This book introduces children to 10 imaginary dinosaur creatures, such as:

  • Nicotineadon
  • Amphetidon
  • Cannabisaur
  • Fryranosaurus
  • Steroidopterus,
  • Huffadon
  • Scriptadon,
  • Boozitupicus,
  • Teracracktyl
  • Velociraver

The best selling Drugosaurs Series teaches children to make smart and healthy choices by avoiding drugs. Children learn general information about each drug, including street names, forms each can take, short- and long-term effects of use, and a consistent “Don’t go extinct” no use message. Pairing fun and engaging activities with the life saving messages of the Drugosaurs, this beautifully illustrated book is an excellent tool to motivate children to stay drug free.

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This activity book is also available in Spanish.

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