Donnie Dinosaur: I’m Proud To Be Me – DVD


Donnie teaches children how to have self-esteem.

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Donnie Dinosaur DVD: I’m Proud to Be Me: Donnie Dinosaur and his puppet friends use songs to teach children how to build self-esteem. After failing to make the baseball team, Milo’s self-image has taken a beating. Donnie, with help from Katie the Caterpillar, teaches Milo about inner worth, originality, and the benefits of positive thinking. They discuss what children can do that will make them feel good about themselves. Young viewers learn to build their self-confidence by finding something unique or special about them. Kids identify with Milo and learn to focus on their own talents or other special qualities to build self-esteem. They learn to develop the positive attitude that they need to cope with pressures in life. Uplifting songs repeat important messages in the lyrics.

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Donnie Dinosaur: I’m Proud To Be Me

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