Character University: Respect DVD

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  • Build a culture of respect!
  • Teaches kids and teens empathy and kindness
  • Explains the importance of self-respect
  • Demonstrates how to gain respect from others
  • Addresses showing respect for others
  • 12 minutes long

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Welcome to Character University, where respect is the golden rule! This DVD is a powerful tool to instill the values of respect, empathy, and understanding in kids and teens everywhere. This video shows real-life scenarios that trigger thought and discussion and provide possible solutions to problems concerning respect. It teaches students how to have self-respect, how to gain respect from others, and how to show respect, including sensitivity to other peoples feelings.

The video uses real-life incidents to help illustrate the different aspects of respect. The first deals with self-respect and a young man who is lacking this character trait. With a little help from his sister he cleans himself up and then gains respect from all those around him.

The second incident deals with a young lady who shows no respect for others. Her words and actions make the other member of her group not want to work with her any longer. When she realizes how she affects others, she apologizes and promises to try and be more accepting of other people’s differences. This video, like the others in Character University, teaches young people to own up to their actions and to face the consequences of what they do.

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Character University: Respect

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