“Wheel Safety: Bikes, Blades and Boards” DVD

  • Covers bicycle, inline skates, and skateboard safety.
  • Addresses how to use protective equipment.
  • Includes information on being courteous to other bicyclists or skaters.
  • Details essential emergency procedures.

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Wheel Safety: Bikes, Blades and Boards video portrays a diverse group of kids riding bicycles, inline skating, and skateboarding to show viewers how to stay safe on wheels. Bicycling and skating or a riding skateboard can be dangerous if riders do not take the necessary safety precautions. This DVD explores and explains the various ways cyclists and skaters can stay safe and get more fun out of their time spent on wheels. It’s straightforward and engaging, which helps to give kids the confidence to skate, bike, and board safely. Showing viewers how to have fun and stay safe on wheels all year long.

This 16 Minute Bikes, Blades and Boards DVD demonstrates good safety practices, such as:

  • wearing protective equipment
  • Stopping safely
  • Handling emergencies
  • Maintenance
  • Being courteous on the path
  • And other important concepts for cyclists and skaters to keep in mind

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For streamable safety videos for kids, visit PreventionPower.TV. 

Wheel Safety: Bikes, Blades and Boards

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