“Dabbing: Marijuana Concentrates” Tabletop Display

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  • Defines dabbing
  • Emphasizes how it is 4 times stronger than a typical joint
  • Lists the side effects and long-term risks
  • Goes into detail about what butane is and its dangers

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Educate your audience on the dangers of bho (butane hash oil) with this very informative Marijuana Concentrates Tabletop Display. Most people who dab will extract THC from marijuana by pouring butane over the dried flowers. This paste or gum is then heated with a blow torch or lighter and releases a vapor that the user inhales. Since dabs are so much stronger than marijuana, they can cause far more serious adverse effects to your physical and mental health.

This eye catching display touches on the following topics:

  • What is a Dab?
  • Makes Dabbing Different?
  • Serious Side Effects
  • Long Term Risks
  • The Dangers of Butane
  • … and more!

Unsafe to make, unsafe to buy, unsafe to use.

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  • 2 ft wide and 3 ft high for a greater impact
  • Vivid graphics to grab and hold attention
  • Retractable stand with carrying case that is lightweight and portable
  • Presenter’s Guide – helps you hold an expert event
  • Durable, high quality materials so you can use your banner over and over again

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