Active Shooter Tabletop Display

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  • Explains how to respond quickly and calmly in the event of a shooting incident
  • Advises methods of self-preservation and protection
  • Outlines information to provide when contacting an emergency dispatcher
  • Advises taking action against the shooter only as a last resort
  • Provides instructions as to what to do when law enforcement officers arrive
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Amp up community safety with our Active Shooter Tabletop Display. A vital tool for educators committed to preparedness and resilience! In an engaging and easily digestible format, the display covers crucial steps to take during an active shooter situation – guiding individuals on how to stay calm, make informed decisions, and ultimately increase their chances of survival.

Perfect for school assemblies, workplace training sessions, or community safety events, this display is visually impactful and delivers clear, actionable information. From evacuation routes to communication strategies, it equips individuals with the tools needed to respond effectively and collectively in crisis situations. Portable and user-friendly, this retractable display is a must-have for any organization looking to prioritize safety education.

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  • 2′ W x 3′ H for a greater impact
  • Vivid graphics to grab and hold attention
  • Retractable stand with carrying case that is lightweight and portable
  • Includes a Presenter’s Guide that helps you hold an expert event
  • Durable, high quality materials so you can use your tabletop display over and over again

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